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LOOKING FOR A ROOFER BATTLE CREEK MI? According to recent research, a new or replacement roof has one of the strongest impacts on your home's value of any home improvement project. A new roof adds to curb appeal and provides a good return on investment. Before you start your project, it is important to know what your options and opportunities are.

If you have asphalt shingle roofing, one of the decisions you may be facing is whether to put new roofing shingles over your existing roof (a "recover") or tear off the original and start afresh. A recover option is one way to reduce your short term financial outlay, but is not always the best investment.

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A recover option is not always available, for example, if your roof already has multiple layers, curled shingles on your existing surface or the existence of any rot or mold a recover option is simply not viable. If a roofing contractor recommends recovering a roof in very bad condition - always get a second opinion.

It is possible the contractor is seeking to cut corners with your job and install a roof that will only be, at best, a temporary curb appeal boost. Check out the benefits of tearing off your roof below, so you're aware of the options.

Advantages of tearing off your old roof

  • Your roof deck can be thoroughly inspected and any damaged and rotten sections can be replaced.
  • Your home will have greater value at resale the fewer roofing layers it has.
  • High risk areas like valleys, eaves, rakes, sidewalls, and chimneys can be checked. New flashing assemblies can be installed.
  • A tear-off will typically outlast a recover by a number of years. This is mostly due to the fact that less heat gets trapped in the roof (due to no additional insulating "layers" of roofing). This heat will curl and damage your shingles over time.
  • Disadvantages of tearing off your roof

  • The most common reason customers choose a recover is because of the immediate cost difference. A recover will likely cost at least $1000 less than a tear off. This is due to:
  • Less labor cost because no one is tearing off the roof
  • There is no disposal cost that would have been incurred in a tearoff.

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